Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jan 1st 2013

im doing great i think! busy as usual but pushing forward. this last week was rough on me, and i felt really discouraged but its all good now :) im glad to hear josh's progress. you and the family need to really stick on him about reading; its very important. you guys should be reading it daily as well :) its an amazing book! and i know its true. the words written inside will change lives. is he doing okay though? mentally, physically, spiritually?     Yep, p-day is today! doing laundry right now :) everything is holding up. all is well. idk about the bike though.
Thats awesome that pam is doing good! cant wait to see :) and thats great to hear about the temple! its such a blessing that we have temples so close jaja! enjoy it!
Dont worry about what i had to go through. It was hard, but necessary. Those experiences are what have made me strong, and that have helped me know that Jesus is the Christ. My patriarchal blessing says why i had to go through those things; you can read it if you would like :) i wish i could share my testimony in person. i probably will when i call you when im at the airport at the end of this month. a testimony is a beautiful thing, and the power behind it is undeniable. Sadly, i think my testimony is not enough for some reason.. like its not strong enough. I dont know why i feel this way. But i am nervous for whatever is ahead of me on my mission; i believe it will truly bring me to my knees. I am perhaps a little scared, and a little excited. But i pray that the Savior will help me during that time, because i know my own strength and faith isnt enough. I need Him... So thats why im continually building my faith while im here. I wish i couldve started a long time ago instead of last year. Thats why i desperately want josh to be as prepared as possible.
I will write a handwritten letter tonight or tomorrow. the mail schedule is messed up because of christmas and new years jaja! Love you :)
Con amor,
Elder Santiago

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