Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dec 18th

This must be quick!!
I wrote a letter for you guys but havent had time to send it, btw. i should send it today. i received your package :) We love the oranges, and i love the razor jaja. We dont usually like receiving food because we have so much junk food already and stuff, but im always happy to receive something from my family! :) por favor, keep writing "dear elders." Most of my zone gets a letter every other day, and so sometimes i get really discouraged when i never get emails or letters written back to me... But its okay :)
im glad to hear all the good news! tell jill im proud of her and that shes awesome! its also great to hear about josh's progress! tell everyone i said hello :)
The spanish is coming great. We havent really learned how to communicate very well jaja (haha in spanish...) but we know how to say our testimonies, pray, give some lessons, etc. But its progress. We really are learning at such a fast rate, its crazy! if i write in spanish, please dont reply in spanish using google translator, because its rarely correct jaja :)
gracias por the prayers, it means so much to me. the mural is coming along great :)
sincerely, elder santiago

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