Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Best time of my life! Apr 15, 2013

hey everyone! :)
this week was solid, we have been really blessed again. we had 2 baptized, and next week we have another baptism! however, we just got transfer calls and both elder n. and i are leaving :( im going to Loma Verde and he's going somewhere to be a zone leader! I will be with Elder E.!  we are bummed that we wont get to see our investigator get baptized. Elder N. served in Loma for about 7 months. from what i hear, its pretty difficult.. not a very successful area as far as baptisms go. So off i go, into the furnace, right? im excited and nervous but itll be okay. We were really sad because the Lord has done all this great work and we were able to be apart of it, but now we have to go.. We are being whitewashed by sister missionaries. I think they will do good, they just need to find a house to stay in haha since they cant live in our apartment because its not very safe. I guess everyone says our apartment is the worst. pretty legit. It was pretty rough saying goodbye to all the friends we've made. A (progressing investigator) started crying when we told him we were leaving. He's young and his mom wont let him get baptized but he wants to. We tried hard to get him baptized but the time wasnt right i guess. one day!! We made our goal of 8 baptized for the month of April, and we got 3.. 8 is a super high goal here, but we felt that we could do it. but now the s
isters gotta take over, and hopefully they can finish our goal! it was just a stressful week trying to do the transfers and baptism. We also found 5 new investigators! Which just makes it hard to say we have to leave them now haha.
I've been pretty well though. Lots of ups and downs... i've learned so much gospel stuff though. its nice to study the gospel each day and learn more. the language is really whats killing me right now. the MTC was super quick to catch on because of the spirit, but on the field its just different. I want to get it down soon, but the best thing is to speak the language. I've never liked failing at things, and with spanish its like everytime i open my mouth it doesnt come out the way i wanted it to. its frustrating and discouraging. time, practice, and prayers is all i've got; but it'll be good. Strange how a mission is the place where i will fail the most, but will be the best time of my life.
I love you all and keep you in my prayers. Let me know if i can help in any way!
Elder Jacob James
1) This is A (on the right, 13 years old) and his moms boyfriend R
2)Trying not to laugh because we are just huge hahah

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