Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dec 25th

so much has happened recently! I  dont think i sent that letter i wrote.. i must've lost it! oh well. i will write another one today and send it! i really wanted to answer your question that you had about how to help josh prepare for a mission. i think i can help him somehow. so i will write that.
i hope you're christmas with la familia has been great. i miss you guys so much. its hard not to think about all the past christmas we've had spent together. yo estoy triste.. but the Lord wants me here. he will bless you while im gone :)
we have learned so much.. work work work! i could probably write you a letter in spanish but my grammer is aweful. its so much easier to speak a language than to write it jaja!
anyways, today has been great so far, and im really happy that i get to email my family. i never have much to say and im sorry for that. its just that nothing "interesting happens porque everyday is almost the same jaja! wake up, work, eat, wooorrkkk, etc.. sleep. repeat. i just dont think you guys would wanna hear about my classes jaja but teaching investigators are usually the highlight of my days. they either make my day really good, or really bad, depending on how it went. investigators are simpre in our prayers!! and yes, our families tambien! but teaching is so fun, even though its hard. we can understand almost everything in class that our teachers say, but we cant really reply perfectly because we still have a lot to learn. exciting :)
well, i hope today has been good to you, and the family. Dont let them forget what the true meaning of christmas is!
Elder Santiago

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