Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dec. 4th

I hope you received my brief letter that i wrote. i recieved your emails, thanks for the addresses.
So far the MTC is awesome. It was nothing like i expected. On day 1, all we heard in class was spanish, no english at all. We have learned so much spanish. It is difficult not to write in spanish because a lot of thoughts are in spanish now.  We have been teaching our investigator for a couple days now. Her name is Karla. Trying to communicate with her in a different language is very difficult but we know The Lord is helping us, we can feel it. It is wonderful to see her progress and see her faith in Christ increase; I love the feeling i get after I know i helped the Lord share his message.
My companion, district, and zone are great. My companion is Elder Young. We get along very well, dipite our differences. I will send pictures when i can, but our schedule is very strict that we have very little time for ourselves (ie write letters, journals, talk with friends, etc...)
I am happy to hear everything is going well. Dont let me being gone bring you down. The Lord will comfort you, all you need to do is ask.
I know you miss me, and want to hear from me, so dont act like you dont :)
I have our picture up in my room, the one of our family when i opened my call. Things are great here, and Ive never felt the spirit so frequently and strongly. This is truly a blessing in my life. Thanks you for all the support you have given me in my life, and for being an example. I am proud of you, you are an amazing father to me. Keep our family together, and dont forget your sacred responibilities as a father and priesthood holder.
I miss you. I hope you are progressing with your papers and such. Do not miss me; I am not far away. If you need comfort, I suggest reading one of my favorite scriptures: D&C 50: 44-48. (I cant remember the exact verses but its like the last 6 verses in the chapter). I am proud of you. I want to see you come here becuase i know you will be happy if you do. Say hi to daniel for me!
Thanks again for the stuff. I have found it to be very useful already. I hope school is coming along well, and that you and my dad are getting along!
If you get to read this (mom, forward this to her por favor), i want to say thanks for dropping me off at the MTC. I know it was hard.
Keep your head up. I will be writing you soon, I have a few things to say that i feel will help you.
I miss my best friend. Stay with Josh, help each other to be able to go on missions. This is so exciting and i love it, i know you will too. Say hi to your family for me.
I need a few items: decent camera, electric razor, hannah and reebs emails and address, toblers email and address. I cant think of anything else really right now. I am probably going to write more hand written letters. I find it easier and have more time to do it (email is only 30 minutes allowed...) Oh, and there is no gum allowed for missionaries, just fyi.
Showers are terrible. Classes are freakishly long. Some missionaries are weird. Spanish is very hard. Days are long. Family and friends are missed. And yet, I Love it.
I miss you guys very much. I am happy to be where i am, i know the Lord is happy too.
Elder Jacob James

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