Sunday, March 9, 2014

Great Week 12/30/13

Merry Christmas again, and happy NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! It was so great to be able to talk to the family on Christmas. Only have one more call left before i go home; crazy!
Christmas here was super fun. On the 24th us and a bunch of other Elders went to a members home and had a feast. I ended up opening all my presents that night... I couldnt really wait and one of the misisonaries was just like "open them, open them!" so i gave in. I felt bad because underneath the wraping paper santa put "No peaking until Christmas ;)" but... Whatever, i ripped those bad boys open anyways hahaha yeaaahh!!!!!! The next morning, for Christmas, we had District meeting. We ended up going caroling (uh cant spell) around the neighborhood. I dont think we sounded too bad but we made a bunch of people smile and it was priceless.
Um idk what day this happened but when we were driving to the store, we saw a man that had a bit of a problem. The stuff that was in the bed of his truck fell out, just a bunch of wood planks and cement stuff. We got out and helped him. Yay service  :) No one else stopped or did anything, so i was a bit disappointed.. But someone did give us a thumbs up as they drove past. I guess thats good for something :)
....We tried to visit a recent converts home. We pulled up to her house and got out and knocked on the door but didnt get an answer so we called her. She answered and we were like "hey what're you doing?" and she said "...taking a nap."  .__. It was like 2pm. We tried to convince her to come out but she was tired... Idk why i felt like writing that. But i hope none of you do that haha. She's 12.
Lately we've been going downtown to talk to people on the street. Its been so legit. We've met some interesting people. A couple of them are crazy and just want to tell us we're wrong. "I really admire what you guys do. You wake up every morning and go and try to preach to people. Thats awesome. But you're still wrong."---Roman Catholic Theologist Homeless Old Man. Thats typically how it goes. But yesterday we actually found a lady that was sincerely interested and we were able to give her a Book of Mormon and she promised us she would read it. Sweet. Uhh and there is also another guy that usually sits on this bench and he looks like Jesus from the bible videos. Idk if i already told you guys that but.. yeah we havent really talked to him yet. Last time we walked by he was kinda angry lookin :/  We have a great idea though. We are gonna go buy some chalk and draw out the Plan of Salvation with the other Elders at a busy place downtown. Hopefully it'll attract some attention and people will be interested. I can just imagine the conversation already.. "Wow what is that beautiful, super realistic, chalk drawing right here?" I will take some pics for you guys.
Okay so this Sunday we had an investigator come to the church for the 1st time in 3 months and SHE LIKED IT. She's the lady that works at Burlington and fixed up 3 pairs of pants and a suit top for $15. Hook ups. But she's been reading the Book of Mormon and is almost done. Sadly, we havent been able to actually teach her because she works so much, but instead we go into Burlington a couple times a week to see her. Her husband actually told us he wants to attend our church once to see how it is. Before, he actually got into an argument with the Elders who were here before. So they are starting to really be interested, its just taking some time. Woot woot!!
We met the security guard at Burlington. He's a retired marine, who served in the top elite force the US has (Yes, above Delta and the Navy Seals). Long story short, he might come chill with us today for a little and teach us how to fight the way he was taught in the military. He promised not to hit us, but said we will end up on our butts a couple times. So mom and dad, if you get a call today or tomorrow about me getting hurt, just know it was because a special force recon sniper told me to try and hit him :) so excited.
Thats about it for this week i think. I hope you have a good New Years! Sorry, no pics this week...  love you :)
-Elder James

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