Sunday, March 9, 2014

Christmas is comomg soon! 12/23/13

Hey :)
So this week was a little bit slow. People are so busy these days... But we still had a great week. We got to go to the beach!! It was super fun, especially since the whole north half of the mission was there.
.Uh so we went carolling last night at an elderly folks home! I dont know what its called .It was fun! we sang in Spanish and the old people didnt know the lyrics but recognized the tune and some started to sing along and dance (kinda) hahahah it was toooo gooood... But i think i can wait until im old.
We had a sweet lesson with a part-member family. The parents arent members (yet) but they know its all true. There are just a few things that need to be resolved. It was so awesome when we told them how much we loved them, even though it was my first time meeting them. The spirit was so strong!! :)
umm.. So! another investigator is doing alright but his girlfriend is really mad at him because she thinks he is cheating on her with his ex that lives in Mexico... I just read that and it didnt make much sense but hopefully you understand. We were talking with him outside his apartment and she came outside to go to the store. He asked her if she would bring him some taki's and she flipped out... She was yelling at him and was like "why dont you ask your other woman? She can do that for you," blah blah... We sat there awkwardly. Poor guy... He came to church this Sunday though!! woot woot.
So the ward members here made like a little missionary package for each of the missionaries and I got a girl one. It was really weird. So i gave it to a sister missionary.
Oh so we have FACE BOOK!!!!!!!!! Yay. Its weird guys... I cant believe i wasted so many hours on that before my mission. But anyways, yeah we have face book and its cool i guess. I cant add any friends from home, just family and people who live over here in Florida, in the area's i've been in.
We walked down a busy street to talk to people and stuff. And we saw a man that looked like Jesus. I was like "Hey, look its Jesus!" and the other missionaries didnt believe me until they saw him. He even had Jesus Sandals on. I kept thinking that if he were to be baptized, he would be in all the video's the church makes. But we didnt talk to him because he was bible bashing with some stranger... contention is of the devil my friends.
Anyways, sorry this was a completely random email. But as for myself, im doing pretty good. Im excited for Christmas!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas as well.
-Elder James :)
Pic: Chillin at the beach!
Ps: My addy is 2346 Winkler Ave Apt A104
Ft Myers, Florida 33901
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