Sunday, March 9, 2014

It's Monday another near death experience! 1/13/14

Um so this week. Was like every other week  .__.  So i guess that
should include a near death experience, meeting some crazy people,
getting completely rejected, doing something embarrassing in public,
doing service, and yeah.. So here goes:

-Comp drove through a red light. Two actually :) Then almost drilled a
police car on the highway. All in the same night. Woot woot >:] A few
days before we were in the car with the other Elders, and we had to
turn right to get into the MacDonald's parking lot but we were in the
middle lane. Elder (insert name here) just drove right in front of the
car, very sharply and quickly, and nearly took out the front end of
the car. But, we made it safely, and even though that lady was real
mad, my McDouble and spicy McChicken was REAL good.... :)

-We were street contacting down town. Some guy chillin by himself
outside the coffee shop, thinkin' he was safe from talking with
missionaries. SIKE. We see you buddy!!! So we approached him. And
started talking--

OHHH BOY! so remember that guy i told you about like maybe 2 weeks ago
that we ran into downtown that looked like Jesus? Yeah well he just
walked by!!! And we are in the library. What is he doing here? ._.
Anyways, back to the story:

SO we were talking with that guy about the book of Mormon and
everything.. It was alright, but then there was a silence and he was
acting a little weird. So i asked him "is everything alright?.. We can
help you." And he was silent for like 20 seconds and then proceeded to
tell us how he needs an attorney or sheriff guy to look at his case,
because at night he hears voices and small, steady noises and how is
was the government spying on him. My comp and I just looked at each
other.. Then he said the same things over again, about 4 times.
Finally we said sorry that we couldnt help and walked away :l   It was
 so sad. wish we could be of help!

-As far as getting rejected goes. So many times this week we offered
to give people a card from the church. Just a card, with a website on
it... And they wouldnt take it. Hahaha... I think its funny but you
dont have to.....

-So i was leaving the apartment, singing out loud. I wasnt really
singing though, it was more like trying to make fun of a song in
Spanish because i dont like it, while still having a subtle
beat/melody to it as to appear as if i was actually trying to sing.
When i was getting into the car, i turned around to see our neighbor
(she lives above us) outside her apt just sitting there, smoking. She
was looking at me like a was so dumb... :/ Oh well.

-We managed to give some service. It was fun. We just helped a lady
put a ceiling fan on. (or "in"?) It was fun. I held up the fan at an
angle and felt like i was the monkey that was holding up Mufasa in The
Lion King. It was fun. But yeah... It was fun. :)

We might be moving apartments soon. The Zone Leaders called and made
us go apartment hunting. Thankfully we have a realtor in the English
ward, so he helped us out a bunch. As for now, my address is the same

Gotta go now. If you dont laugh from this or like this email... mmm.
Shame.  Love you, hope you have a good week :)
-Elder James <3
PS: The Church is TRUE!!!!!!!

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