Sunday, November 24, 2013

Miracle story and bad hair cut! Nov. 18, 2013

Alright so this week was good but i forgot to write about a little miracle story that happened LAST week, so i will start from there :)
We were doing some service at the island with the Elders. We finished, and Elder M and i had some members on the island so we decided to stay and the elders drove home, and we were left with our bikes to skidaddle around on the island. So they left and then i noticed that my bike tire was completely flat. M has a lil bike pump so i used that to fill it up. After about 100 yards of biking, it was flat again.. So we stopped and talked things over. We were originally planning on going north, which was further away from home, but because of my bike we decided to bike south. So, i pumped up the tire and started to ride until it got flat, and repeated the process for a couple hours. I kept praying that it would last a little longer each time. We came upon a less actives home on the way back, but it didnt look like anyone was there. I told M we should try the neighbors house and see if the person we were looking for lived next door, so we did that. A lady answered the door and was like "you're mormons. Im a mormon. i havent seen missionaries around for like 3 years." Turns out that she was the Lady's daughter, and her mom (the one we were looking for) lived next door. So we found her, actually scheduled a dinner appointment the next day with her and her mother. Then, as we left, i noticed my bike tire was full of air! And when i got on it and started riding, it stayed full! The whole rest of the night (and still until this week) the tire hasnt gone flat. isnt that crazy!?!? some miracle tires right there. 
anyways, this week! So thursday i started feeling bad and so we went to walmart. while there, i noticed a little hair-cutting kit for only $15 and was like "ohh nice i want that" so i bought it, went home, and tried it out. it started cutting for like 50 seconds, then it died.. so i tried charging it, but it wouldnt turn on while charging. so i had to wait.. problem was, we had a hand-off lesson with the other elders in 30 minutes. so i cut like 1/2 my hair and left to the lesson, and was so upset because i looked so ridiculous >:( the elders just laughed, and i kinda did too.. Then Elder and I went to the Ward Mission Leaders home, and he cut my hair for me. pretty embarrassing. but afterwards, we came home and the road warriors (traveling AP's) were outside our apartment waiting for us, so we could do an exchange. They came in and started taking pictures of our apartment, and it was kinda messy, especially with my hair still in the sink! I felt so dumb that night..
Also this week we had a talent show for the english ward. it was really fun. We were going to do something for it, but... didnt. 
Getting sick as well. the medicine i bought didnt really help. Mission doctor said i might have some type of respiratory virus? Whatever though, i will be fine. 
That is all for this week!! Love you guys!!
You cant really see how bad the haircut was.. this is right before my WML cut my hair, in his bathroom... adventures. 

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