Sunday, November 10, 2013

This next week will be off da chainnnn! Oct. 28, 2013

Hey so a lot happened this week and i forgot my planner so i cant remember all of it but we got transfer calls on Saturday!!!
So this next transfer is going to be crazy and i cant really explain everything.. So elder M and i will be staying together, but we will be moving apartments a little further south. We are going to replace a set of Spanish sisters, and a set of English sisters. We will be taking over both of their area's. We have been made into a "Zebra," which means Elder M and I can now teach in ENGLISH AND SPANISH!! We will also be a part of the Spanish branch, AND the English ward. So Sundays we will be at church for like 8 hours or so with all the meetings for both the branch and the ward. Its going to be kinda crazy trying to work with both of them, and getting to know all the members. We are a little overwhelmed.. we will be moving into the English sisters apartment, and one set of the Spanish sisters will be moving into ours and trying to put a trio here.. There is no way 3 sister missionaries will fit in our apartment! its a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom, and there isn't room for jack squat hahah but hey, they gotta make it work somehow. The entire zone got switched up; Elder M and i are the only ones staying together, but we are still moving. i don't really know if this all makes sense to you guys, but... that's okay i guess i can just explain it when i get home in a while hahah. I'm just really excited to teach in English and be around the culture I'm accustomed to. it'll be weird! anyways i gotta get going. this next will is going to be off da chainnnn.  We are up for the challenge!
love you so much!  The church is TRUE.
-Elder Jacob James
Here is some pics of my favorite people: the S


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